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Roman Konstankevich

Roman Konstankevich is a very gifted, outstanding person. Born in Terebovlya, near Ternopil he had a passion for music from an early age. In 1980, he graduated from Terebovlya Music College, followed by Rivne State University. Throughout his time in the Ukraine, he played for many bands, festivals and events. In 1993, he promptly moved to the United States. Although, the move led to other avenues of employment working in software development in the brokerage field, music still remained embedded within his being. So, he still continued playing music at various festivals and events. The saxophone in particular was a love that still remained from Ukraine. In 2007, there was some inspiration to start new Ukrainian band, but a better idea was picked: to start a new an entertainment agency focusing on promoting Ukrainian arts and music. Welcome to our family at Anna-Maria Entertainment, and we hope we can make all your special occasions a time to remember!