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List of the packages for private parties or events




* Above packages include a performance time up to 3 AM


* Gold package include a performance time up to 2 AM




Sound services.....

Hardware list for small and midsize venue only:
Subwoofers: 2 or 4 EV QRX218S
Tops: 4 Yamaha DSR15 (and) or 2 EV Phoenix PX2152 series
Monitors: 6 EV SXa100+
FOH Mixer: Allen-Heath QU32
Stage monitor mixer: Allen-Heath QU16
Optional Stage mixing: Midas Venice 320 with Lexicon PCM80,TC Electronics D-Two
Sound management and signal processing: BSS Dpr 404, Klark-Teknik DN360, Yorkville EP1
Microphones: Shure ULX-P 87A/C, Shure Beta 58A, Shure 57
Text monitor: 32 inch Samsung LED
Lazers, "American DJ" LED Par Can lighting.
NOTE: Large audience festivals is covered by RCF Line Array systems.