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Roman Lankios

Roman was born and raised in Ukraine. At the age of 17 he attended a musical college, where he discovered his real passion in life, Music. Roman always liked the drums. Now he was in the perfect place to learn them. But before he could play drums he had to take a classical class first. That is when he first laid eyes on the xylophone. Roman spent the next 4 years mastering the new instrument, while learning modern beats by playing drums with a school band. He successfully completed his 4 years at college. He immediately entered the conservatory where he would learn to master the beauty of his now instrument. After the conservatory he joined a famous band "SVITYAZ" where he was a drummer. Roman toured all of Europe and the USSR playing with "SVITYAZ". In 1994 he moved to the United States to share his passion for the xylophone with the whole world. Roman Lankios has since performed in many major venues in New York City and the Tri-State area. He has established himself as a credible musician who can charm the toughest critics. Roman's up-beat tempo and charisma can liven up any event. "The Virtuoso" has recorded three CD's: "The Ray of Xylophone", "Around the World", and “Let’s Dance”. Presently, he is working on his fourth CD.